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Will an Internal Report About Tensions Within the DOJ Civil Rights Unit Derail Obama's Pick for Labor Sec.?


Thomas Perez is suspected to be President Barack Obama's top pick for the next Secretary of Labor, but a new report released Tuesday revealing racial hostility within the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division may derail Perez's nomination. The inspector general's report says that as a Justice Department official, Perez did not provide a full account to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights when he said the department's political leadership was not involved in the decision to dismiss three of four defendants in a lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party, reports Fox News.

According to POLITICO, the 258-page report charges that leaders in Perez's division have failed to do enough to overcome years of poisonous strife between a faction of the voting rights staff which favored litigation on behalf of minority groups, and those in the department who believe more should be done to protect the rights of white voters.

Hans Von Spakovsky from The Heritage Foundation joined "Wilkow!" Wednesday to talk about the deep divisions in the civil rights department and if the DOJ is basing their decisions on race.

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