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Reason #458 not to vote for Lindsey Graham: Michael Bloomberg

(Photo: CBS)

In case his centrist bromance with John McCain wasn't enough of a reason not to support Lindsey Graham, consider this:

Nanny Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a big fan.

(Photo: CBS)

Via The DC's Neil Munro:

South Carolina’s embattled Sen. Lindsey Graham is getting some home-state aid from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. ...

Bloomberg’s aid came in the form of a March 13 press-conference in Columbia, S.C., that was organized by people working the Partnership for a New American Economy. The group is headed by Bloomberg, several Democratic politicians and numerous government-tied business leaders. ...

“Lindsey Graham for years has shown incredible courage to lead on this issue at potential cost to himself,” said Jeremy Robbins, a director of Bloomberg’s Partnership for a New American Economy. By supporting Graham in South Carolina, immigration-advocates “will encourage other senators, and encourage other business leaders to get out and get more vocal,” he said during the telephone press conference.

Graham's election war chest is estimated at a hefty $6 million.  Given his funding, strong support from the state's GOP leaders and incumbent position, any challenger faces a serious uphill battle.

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