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Oreo Separator Machines Step Aside: Slingshot Guy Takes It Up a Notch, Creates Pump Gun That Fires Cookies


"Now this is a manly way to separate an Oreo."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

If you didn't know it, Oreo separator machines -- devices that remove the cookie's chocolate wafers from its center creme -- have become a viral meme. But leave it to the Slingshot Channel guy to make something a bit more "manly" to deal with "milk's favorite cookie."

Joerg Sprave -- whose ammo is usually reserved to things like darts, arrows, circular saw blades and office supplies -- jumped on the cookie craze to create his own device.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Some of the separator machine videos have been a battle between cookie vs. creme lovers. For Sprave, it's an entirely different story:

Some men simply love neither cookie nor creme, so sometimes a man just needs to invent a [bada**] crossbow to do the hard work of shooting the two from a powerful homemade weapon. Today, that man is meat lover and cookie-destroyer Jörg Sprave.

Sprave separates the cookies alright, but it's into tiny crumbles. The pump gun can be muzzle loaded with up to 14 cookies.

The plan is to shoot them back into the box. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

He even tried a frozen Oreo (to make it harder) into ballistic gelatin. It didn't quite go into it. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

But Sprave does try to separate Oreos in the more traditional sense as well using two knife blades in between two pieces of wood through which the cookie will have to pass. It still ends up as crumbs, but there might be some creme separation there.

"Now this is a manly way to separate an Oreo," Sprave said.

Check it out:

Oreo has posted four total separator machines on its official YouTube channel. We already brought you the first one, but check out the others below:



(H/T: Technabob)

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