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Military Veteran's Amazing Random Act of Kindness Would Make Even the Worst Day Better


“United States veteran. God Bless."

Source: Facebook

One military veteran's random act of kindness, though he certainly didn't do it for the attention, has gone viral, infecting people with smiles across the country.

On Sunday, a random person with a big heart left a touching note and $40 on a woman's windshield in a Dunkin' Donuts parking lot for no other reason than a bumper sticker.

“I noticed the sticker on the back of your car,” the note read, referring to a “Half my Heart is in Afghanistan” bumper sticker. “Take your hero out to dinner when he comes home. Thank you both for serving. Him deployed and you for waiting.”

“United States veteran. God Bless," the vet signed the letter.

Source: Facebook

Samantha Ford, the woman at the receiving end of the good deed, was floored and immediately snapped a photo and shared it on the Facebook page "Our Deployment 101," a page for members of the military community.

“I just thought I would share with you all what happened to me today!” Ford wrote on Facebook. “Came out of Dunkin’ Donuts and found this under my windshield wiper. There are no words to describe how I'm feeling right now. Tears in my eyes. I just wish I could thank whoever did this! God bless our troops and all of those who stand behind them."

"By Tuesday morning, the post had a million and a half “likes,” had inspired more than 43,000 comments, and had been shared nearly 200,000 times," the Yahoo! blog "Shine" reports.

Ford told TODAY.com that she hopes the inspiring photo will cause more people to show their appreciation for the brave men and women serving in the military.

“They are all heroes,” she added. “I just happen to be in love with one.”

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