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Hilarious Video of Teen Waking Up Post Wisdom Teeth Removal: 'How Did I Get Here?


"I don't usually cry this much."

Tanner Paxman after getting his wisdom teeth pulled. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

This video can only be described as a new "David After Dentist."

Posted on YouTube Tuesday by a young man in Utah is the video of him in a dentist's chair after having his wisdom teeth removed. He's pretty hopped up on some kind of pain medication and, as you might expect, the antics and conversation with his father afterward are pretty hilarious.

Tanner Paxman after getting his wisdom teeth pulled. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Tanner Paxman, who according to his Facebook page lives in North Ogden, Utah, said he doesn't remember anything that was caught on camera by his dad. And, as the video description states, he would like to point out that "i (sic) don't usually cry this much."

A friend named Ashton should be feeling pretty good about himself as Paxman very emphatically -- and tearfully -- expresses his desire to see his best friend in the clip, as well as just wanting to dance.

At one point, Paxman seems to completely have forgotten where he was.

"How did I get here?" he asks, squirming in the chair trying to figure out his surroundings.

Paxman then insists, "Dude, I'm good, bro. I'm so good."

He becomes distressed again when his father points out that he can't get up and leave until the staff takes out his IV, which he hadn't noticed in his arm before. It's also revelation to him later in the clip that there was gauze in his mouth. When the nurse comes in to remove the IV and Paxman perks up asking if she's his girlfriend.

(Images: YouTube screenshots)

He states again, "I'm good, bro. I want to party."

The nurse gives Paxman's parents a parting "good luck."

"I hope you have a great weekend," she said.

See the video for yourself (Content warning: some strong language):

The video has gone viral on Facebook with more than 113,000 likes and more than 100,000 shares as of the time of this posting. On YouTube though, the video only has a little more than 13,000 views so far.

(Image: Facebook screenshot)

Now, it could be argued that Paxman is "hamming up" the effects of the drug for the camera. And that could be. Even if this is the case though, it doesn't make it any less hilarious.

Paxman has even created T-shirts with his "I want to party" quote.

If you didn't know the "David After Dentist" reference made above, it was a similarly funny viral video posted in 2009 that now has more than 118 million views. Check it out:

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