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You F**king Right-Wing Piece of S**t!': Shocking Video Shows Anti-Israel Protesters Assaulting Jewish Woman at Oakland Rally


"You f**king whore. You get the f**k away from me, you f**king right-wing s**thead."


A pair of pro-Israel activists were assaulted both physically and verbally at an pro-Palestinian rally in Oakland, Calif. last week. The video was uploaded to YouTube on Friday, though the rally reportedly took place on March 13 at the Frank Ogawa Plaza on the fourth anniversary of the wounding of Tristan Anderson, an Oakland resident who was injured in the West Bank while protesting against the Israeli military.

The two pro-Israel activists staged their own counter-protest by drawing messages on the concrete in chalk. The female demonstrator, later identified as 22-year-old Hannah Larson, wrote a phrase in Hebrew meaning "the nation of Israel lives." The other male pro-Israel activist wrote a more antagonizing phrase: "Hamas sucks pig sh*t."

Once other anti-Israel protesters realized the duo were counter-protesting in support of Israel, one of the women at the rally went off. The woman, identified as Gabby Silverman, grabbed the chalk from Larson's hand and began shoving and cursing at her furiously.

"You get the f**k out of here," Silverman can be heard yelling. "Get the f**k out of here… You f**king whore. You get the f**k away from me, you f**king right-wing sh*thead."

One of the anti-Israel protesters appears to inform them that one of their friends was "shot by the Israeli military."

Hannah Larson (on her knees) attacked by pro-Palestinian activists in Oakland (photo credit: screen capture Alba5431/Youtube)

Even as Larson and her companion attempted to leave the scene, Silverman, along with a group of her fellow protesters, continued to follow and intimidate them into the street. She also continued to shove and verbally attack them.

One of the other anti-Israel protesters attempted to calm the woman down and hold her back, but let go after another woman told her, "no, no, let her do her thing."

"You f**king right-wing piece of sh*t!" Silverman continued to scream.

Watch the shocking video below (Warning! Very strong language throughout):

The two pro-Israel activists, completely outnumbered, were driven all the way onto the street.

"You angered an entire crowd and you should get the f**k out of here," another man chimed in. "You gonna stand up to 60 people or you gonna get the f**k out of here?"

The confrontation continued to rage until security showed up to diffuse to the situation.

Silverman later reportedly wrote of the incident on her Facebook page:

“We created a space at the plaza to chalk the names of our dead friends and imprisoned comrades and these zionist pieces of sh*t chalk ‘am yisrael chai’ over it. This is exactly the settler colonialist mindset that we are fighting against, putting their right wing bullsh*t over the space for our dead friends. ‘Am yisrael chai’ means ‘the people of Israel live’, which seems mellow enough but its the main slogan of the right wing. My only regret is calling her a whore. That was inappropriate and I’m sorry. Solidarity with whores everywhere!”


(H/T: Times of Israel)

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