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We Can't Make This Up: Hooters Ballgirls Again Plagued By Mistakes During Spring Training Game


Maybe partnering with Hooters waitresses for spring training wasn’t the hottest idea.

Okay, so maybe partnering with Hooters waitresses for spring training in Clearwater, Fla., wasn’t the best idea the Philadelphia Phillies ever had.

Well, not for this season at least. That's because the errors that popped up a couple weeks ago have only continued.

First, there was the Hooters ballgirl who disrupted live play two weeks ago during an exhibition game against the Tampa Bay Rays. We’re sure you remember:

Screen grab.

Now we have a triple play of Hooters foul-ups from Tuesday’s matchup between the Phillies and the New York Yankees.

“The Phillies' ballgirl reacts slowly to a foul popup, resulting in a near-collision with the Yankees' Ronnier Mustelier,” reads the description to the following video:

And the near-collision incident wasn’t the only red-faced highlight from Tuesday's game. Another Hooters ballgirl graciously reenacted Bill Buckner’s career-defining moment not once:

But twice:

“The spring's almost over so allow the Hooters girls to continue embarrassing themselves at Phillies games,” writes Mike Oz for Yahoo! Sports.

“But can we suggest something? Before trotting out these ladies again next year, someone at Hooters should invest in a couple Tom Emanski videos.”

The Phillies went on to beat the Yankees 4-1.

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