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Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity Lambaste Jim Carrey and the Anti-Gun Elite: 'Their Position Is: They Get to Have Guns, We Don't


"...you’re allowed to make fun of white southerners and Christians in America."

Actor Jim Carrey has sparked a plethora of controversy with his anti-gun parody video. On Monday, conservative pundits responded, offering scathing reviews of a clip that some found offensive, with others dismissing it at patently silly or simply not funny. While not as harsh as Greg Gutfeld's assessment, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity also took aim at the actor's anti-gun charade.

Hannity and Coulter discussed the familiar subject of celebrities who enjoy the protection of guns and firearms, but who consistently take aim at ordinary Americans who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

"Their position always is...in fairness, only they should have guns," Coulter said, taking particular aim at Carrey. "Their position is: They get to have guns, we don't. And most of them live in neighborhoods...and travel in methods that they don't need a gun anyway."

Here's how Mediaite's Matt Wilstein recapped the Fox News segment:

Asked by Hannity if she thought Carrey would make fun of African-Americans or Muslim Americans the way he mocked rural white gun owners, Coulter responded, “no, you’re allowed to make fun of white southerners and Christians in America.” She chalked Carrey’s video up as the latest example in the “epidemic” of “wealthy people” trying to tell the rest of country not to carry and own firearms, a clear allusion to Mayor Bloomberg‘s gun control campaign.

Linking Carrey’s video to Hannity’s assertion that the government is buying up a billion rounds of ammunition, Coulter claimed, “that’s the only question with gun control: should the government and rich elites like Bloomberg, Feinstein and Jim Carrey have a monopoly on force?”

Watch the segment, below:

What do you think about Coulter's and Hannity's views on the wealthy and guns? Let us know in the comments section.

(H/T: Mediaite)


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