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New Hampshire town bans 'human target' games


First they came for the gun-shaped Pop Tarts and I did not speak out because I prefer Toaster Strudels.

But now they are coming for my dodgeball and I can no longer stay silent:

The classic gym class game has been a rite of passage for years, but dodgeball may have met its match in the form of the Windham School board, which at a recent meeting voted 4-1 to end dodgeball and other so-called “human target” activities, games with names like bombardment and slaughter.

“It’s almost turning into a nanny state,” said school board member Dennis Senibaldi, the one school board member who voted against the ban. “What happens when they replace that game with something different that another group doesn’t want to play, do we eliminate that group of games?”

"Almost" turning into a nanny state?  It really makes you wonder what has to be banned before we can officially call it a "nanny state."

The school district tells WBZ-TV a handful of parents had complained about bullying–that their kids were targeted during dodgeball–the district then studied the issue, and a special committee recommended the games be ended.

Kids are being "targeted" in dodgeball?!

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