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Is 'Wind Turbine Syndrome' Real or an 'Example of Community Panic'?


"The more you look into it, the more you realize there's some science behind this."

In this Feb. 24, 2006 file photo, a wind turbine stands, generating power next to Hull, Mass. , High School in the shadow of Boston. Establishing a New England market to buy renewable energy seemed a laudable goal when governors committed last year to bulk purchases of wind and solar power to cut the price of alternative energy while reducing the region s reliance on fossil fuels. But putting together details about what the six states will buy is snared in a patchwork of rules, state laws and disagreements among the states over how to even define alternative energy. (Photo: AP/Stephan Savoia)

Turbines on wind farms have already been said to kill wildlife and even noted to create localized warming, but could they be spurring health problems as well?

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