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CNN's Piers Morgan Unleashes on Obama and Congress: 'The Whole Thing Is Pathetic


"I find it very frustrating and I'm getting very angry about it..."

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CNN host Piers Morgan has made his views on gun control more than known. And last night, the controversial host, once again, unleashed on President Barack Obama -- and the U.S. government as a whole -- for not pushing through controversial gun control measures.

"I find it very frustrating and I'm getting very angry about it -- the fact that the president of the United States seems so powerless to deliver any of those things that he promised to those families at Sandy Hook," Morgan said. "I think the whole thing is pathetic."

Voicing his frustrations, he went on to question how many more children will die in a mass shooting before officials "get together and do something."

Of the current debate over various measures, Morgan charged that Americans politicians are "gutless" and that "political nonsense" is coloring the discussion.

Watch him vent, below:

The host also took aim at Obama's decision to give 5 percent of his salary back to the Treasury Department.

"To me, it's another really pointless exercise," he said.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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