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Hey Look -- My Tibia!': Kevin Ware Jokes About Broken Leg in Comical Top 10 List for Letterman


"What was that loud cracking sound?"

The response to Louisville guard Kevin Ware, who snapped his tibia on during Sunday's Elite Eight game against Duke University to the horror of all those watching, has been overwhelming.

NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade sent well-wishes via Twitter, and Ware also heard from Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley. Even First Lady Michelle Obama has reached out to the sophomore guard.

Now Ware, who is preparing to attend his team's Final Four game in Atlanta on crutches after his leg was reset in a two-hour surgery earlier this week, has even had the opportunity present the Top 10 List on the "Late Show with David Letterman. "

Trainers check on Louisville guard Kevin Ware (5) after Ware injured his lower right leg during the first half of the Midwest Regional final against Duke in the NCAA college basketball tournament, Sunday, March 31, 2013, in Indianapolis. Ware left the court on a stretcher. (Photo: AP/Michael Conroy)

Here's what he told Letterman about what when through his mind when he broke his leg on the court:

10. “What was that loud cracking sound?”

9. “I hope this doesn’t leave a bruise”

8. “Hey look — my tibia!”

7. “OUCH”

6. “Did it go in?”

5. “Oh, boy . . . hospital food!”

4. “Tape it up, coach, I’m staying in”

3. “They fired Leno?”

2. “Heat, then ice or ice, then heat?”

1. “At least my bracket’s not busted.”

Watch Ware's top 10 list on the late night show:

In the interview, taped earlier Thursday at Louisville's hotel, Ware told Letterman he still hasn't seen a video of the injury - "And I don't plan on it." He also said his first concern when he got to the hospital was for his mother.

"I know she freaks out over the littlest things," Ware said. "I called her and made sure she was all right."

"We're talking about a snapped tibia that actually protruded through your leg," Letterman said.



The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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