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Father's Stunning Claim: Son's School Is Teaching That Americans Don't Have the Right to Bear Arms


"The courts have never found a law regulating the private ownership of weapons unconstitutional."

A Connecticut father is accusing his son's school district of teaching children that Americans do not have a constitutional right to bear arms. Steven Boibeaux of Bristol, Connecticut, is claiming that his child, an eighth-grader at Northeast Middle School, was given a social studies worksheet that is anti-Second Amendment in nature -- or, at the least, opposed to the conservative view of the provision.

Photo Credit: Fox News Todd Starnes

In an interview with Fox News' Todd Starnes, Boibeaux said that he's "appalled" and that the school seems to be "trying to indoctrinate our kids." The worksheet in question, published by Instructional Fair, is entitled, "The Second Amendment Today," and it allegedly proclaims that American citizens do not have the right to guns.

"The courts have consistently determined that the Second Amendment does not ensure each individual the right to bear arms," it purportedly reads. "The courts have never found a law regulating the private ownership of weapons unconstitutional."

When it comes to interpreting the Second Amendment, the worksheet provides additional parameters through which the constitutional provision should be viewed. Starnes explains:

The worksheet, published by Instructional Fair, goes on to say that the Second Amendment is not incorporated against the states.

“This means that the rights of this amendment are not extended to the individual citizens of the states,” the worksheet reads. “So a person has no right to complain about a Second Amendment violation by state laws.”

According to the document, the Second Amendment “only provides the right of a state to keep an armed National Guard.”

Boibeaux also alleges that the teacher told the class that the Constitution is a "living document" and the worksheet seems to drive this point home, noting that "the interpretation changes to meet the needs of the times."

"I’m more than a little upset about this. It’s not up to the teacher to determine what the Constitution means," the father told Starnes. "I just don’t appreciate this as a parent. I expect teachers to teach my kids and tell the truth – not what they think their point of view is."

This report comes as debate over classroom studies across America -- and CSCOPE and Common Core-aligned curriculum, in particular -- rages.

(H/T: Fox News' Todd Starnes)

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