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Hannity Explodes at Former Obama Adviser After He Tries to Defend Obama's Music Party: 'You're on Drugs! You Can't Be Serious!


​"Living in an alternate universe."

"Cry me a river."

"You're on Drugs! You can't be serious!"

"Living in an alternate universe.”

"Hypnotic trance."

Those are just some of the phrases Sean Hannity used during a dressing down of former Obama economic adviser Austin Goolsbee on Fox Tuesday night.

Hannity invited Goolsbee on to respond to President Obama's latest music party (called a "Memphis Soul" night) at the White House on Tuesday. Hannity called it a "sequestration celebration" (as we first mentioned on Tuesday), and used it as an opportunity to accuse the president about not really being serious about all the doom-and-gloom the administration has been preaching about the reductions to planned spending increases (sequester).

Goolsbee tried to defend the president and the current economic climate by firs saying things are "getting better" and later adding that Obama has given up $20k worth of his salary in an attempt to empathize with the American people. That set Hannity off: "Cry me a river." That quickly turned into "You're on drugs! You can't be serious!" when Hannity compared $20k to the cost of fueling Air Force One to go on vacation.

Goolsbee tried to say that Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher also took trips and threw lavish parties, to which Hannity retorted that that was during a time of prosperity.

And that led to another great moment: Goolsbee making an analogy about "Whoppers" and "fries." Hannity later accused the former adviser of having an Obama statue at his house and "living in an alternate universe" and "in a hypnotic trance."

It really is something that has to be seen:

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