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Misfire': WSJ editors on GOP's gun bill filibuster threat


A threat to filibuster a gun control law by a handful of Republican senators, including Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) receives a warning from the Wall Street Journal...

From the paper's lead editorial Wedneday, "The GOP's Gun Control Misfire":

In an instant, these GOP wizards have taken the onus off Senate Democrats and made Republicans the media's gun-control focus. Mr. Reid is now bellowing about Republicans blocking a vote, and Democrats such as Mark Pryor (Arkansas), Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) and Mark Begich (Alaska) don't have to declare themselves on provisions that might be unpopular at home. ...

If conservatives want to prove their gun-control bona fides, the way to do it is to debate the merits and vote on the floor.


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