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Venezuela Election to Succeed Chavez Shrouded in Controversy


Nicolas Maduro, the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's handpicked successor, was announced as the winner to succeed Chavez Monday in a controversial election allegedly decided by just 235,000 ballots.

"I am the son of Chavez," Maduro said after being declared President-elect one month after Chavez's death. "I am the first Chavista president after Hugo Chavez Frias and I will fulfill his legacy to protect the poor, to protect our independence."

Maduro's challenger Henrique Capriles claims up to 3,200 acts of electoral fraud were committed by his opponent and is demanding a full recount for the election, which was Venezuela's closest in over 40 years.

Lighthouse PAC Founder Joel Frewa and former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere affairs during the Bush Administration; and now AEI expert, Roger Noriega, joined 'Wilkow!' Tuesday to discuss the election and if Maduro will be able to preside over Venezuela like his predecessor.

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