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Why Has This Photo of a Guy and His Menu at Olive Garden Gone Viral?


"A grown a** man..."


As he was enjoying a meal at a Charlotte Olive Garden Sunday night, Adam Howell claims he overheard a couple at a nearby table arguing.

Howell then snapped a photo allegedly showing how the couple, particularly the man in the relationship, decided to resolve the dispute.

"A grown ass man is mad at his girlfriend at Olive Garden & has made a menu fort," Howell tweeted.


More than 1,273 retweets and several news reports later, the photo has gone viral.

Though the man found a temporary solution to his disagreement with the woman he was with in his "menu fort," a waitress later took the menu away after they had ordered. That's reportedly when the couple's phones came out and the devices were "out for the rest of the meal," Howell noted.

The photo is mildly amusing, but is this really the kind of photo worthy of the "viral" distinction? Can not every man see himself resorting to such a childish tactic during an argument with a girlfriend or spouse (said with a smile)?

Or is the fact that this photo has gone viral at all a comment on society?

You be the judge.

(H/T: Gawker)

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