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Actor Who Played Jesus Was 'Haunted' by This Scene From 'The Bible


"I remember that I was on the cross and I saw all my life just flashing in front of my eyes..."

Actor (Photo Credit: OWN)

Actor (Photo Credit: OWN)

Diogo Morgado's iconic role as Jesus Christ in History's Channel's "The Bible" was certainly riveting.

And in a sit-down interview with Oprah recently, the actor spoke candidly about the crucifixion scene, telling the talk show host and media mogul that it was an emotionally-stirring experience.

Morgado recounted the intense feelings he experienced as the dramatic depiction -- naturally, the most important part of the New Testament -- was reenacted over a three-day filming period.

"I was haunted by that scene, obviously," he told Oprah when she asked him about the experience. "I was seeing that coming every second of the way."

Morgado went on to say that he remembers seeing his entire life flashing before him, while filming the memorable scene.

"On that cross, I can tell you that I remember one thing," the actor continued. "I remember that I was on the cross and I saw all my life just flashing in front of my was this overwhelming feeling that every, small, single second of my life was leading up to that moment -- and that was just huge for me."

Filming this portion of "The Bible" showed Morgado just a sliver of what he believes Jesus experienced during the crucifixion.

"Just imagining that that was just a single fraction of a second of what Jesus did for us, it's...pure unconditional love," he said.

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