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Former Paul Ryan Intern Accused of Extorting and Cyber-Stalking 15 Women -- and Using Nude Pics to Do It


"do u want ur family and everyone in DC to see your t—-s?"

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) (Getty Images)

(Photo: Facebook via Gawker)

A former Paul Ryan intern has been accused of extorting and cyber-stalking 15 women, the New York Daily News reports.  According to the man's Twitter account, he was Paul Ryan's "sole intern" during the presidential campaign and was also a "staffer" for Newt Gingrich.

A press release released by the U.S. Attorney's Office explains the accusations against Adam Savader (via the FBI):

According to the affidavit, from May 2012 through February 2013, Adam Paul Savader sent anonymous text messages using Google Voice numbers to 15 women stating that he had nude photographs of the women and threatening to distribute the nude photographs to the women’s friends and family members unless the women sent him more nude photographs of themselves. Savader sent some of the victims links to a photo-sharing website where nude pictures of the victims had been posted.

The case was brought to the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation by detectives from the Ann Arbor Police Department, who received a complaint from a victim stating that she had received threatening messages from a person who had illegally obtained nude photographs of her from her e-mail account. Detectives with the Ann Arbor P.D. partnered with FBI agents to investigate the case and together identified 15 victims in Detroit; Washington, D.C.; and Long Island, New York.  [Emphasis added]

The Twitter page purportedly belonging to Savader. (Photo: Twitter/@adamsavader)

Savader, who is from New York, reportedly went to school in Michigan.  He is accused of using his computer skills to hack into women's email accounts, where he would troll for blackmail material.

“WAIT!” Savader allegedly texted one victim, according to POLITICO. “Listen to me. If we don’t have a deal I will send the pictures to those people. Is that what u want? remember what’s at stake. do u want ur family and everyone in DC to see your t—-s? Just agree to e-mail me a pic of you in a bra.”

Police eventually traced the IP address Savader was allegedly using to a home where he was living with a friend.

Despite the allegations, Savader's lawyer Michael Shoshnick told the Daily News: “I’ve known Adam his entire life and he has never behaved in a way that would lead me to believe these allegations are true."

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