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Obama Admin Slams UN Official for Blaming Boston Bombings on U.S. Mideast Policy and 'Tel Aviv


“Those to whom evil is done/do evil in return.”

UN official Richard Falk (File Photo: Getty Images)

Ambassador Susan Rice (File Photo: Getty Images)

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice took to Twitter Tuesday evening to slam a UN human rights official for suggesting the Boston bombings were an expected result of U.S. foreign policy.

Richard Falk, a Special Rapporteur with the UN Human Rights Council wrote in the Foreign Policy Journal that “the American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world.”

"The United States has been fortunate not to experience worse blowbacks, and these may yet happen, especially if there is no disposition to rethink U.S. relations to others in the world, starting with the Middle East,” he wrote.

Ambassador Rice tweeted: “Outraged by Richard Falk's highly offensive Boston comments. Someone who spews such vitriol has no place at the UN. Past time for him to go.”

The Geneva-based watchdog group UN Watch, which first reported on Falk’s article, sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, asking him to condemn Falk’s “odious and preposterous” remarks.

The Times of Israel reports:

Falk, named by the United Nations Human Rights Council a United Nations Special Rapporteur in 2008 and tasked with monitoring the situation “in the Palestinian territories,” has a history of provocative and outrages statements, both supporting Islamic terror and bashing Israel.

The 83-year-old statesman said he was not alone in thinking American actions around the world and in the Middle East specifically were connected to the bombings, which deeply scarred the country and Boston. He cited a PBS call-in program in the hours after the bombing in which people said the US was responsible for “officially sanctioned torture,” and suggested the attack was “retribution for torture inflicted by American security forces.”

“It is horrible, but we in this country should not be too surprised, given our drone attacks that have killed women and children attending weddings and funerals in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” Falk quoted one of the people as saying following the attack. American politicians don’t “have the courage to connect some of these dots,” Falk said.

“Should we not all be meditating on W.H. Auden’s haunting line: ‘Those to whom evil is done/do evil in return.’”

Auden’s poem, “September 1, 1939,” referred to a German justification for launching World War II following the Treaty of Versailles.

UN official Richard Falk (File Photo: Getty Images)

UN Watch highlighted this quote in its letter to Ban Ki-Moon: “How many canaries will have to die,” asks Falk, “before we awaken from our geopolitical fantasy of global domination?”

Falk suggests that the U.S. will continue to be targeted due what he describes as a belligerent and Israel-friendly foreign policy. He writes: “The war drums are beating at this moment in relation to both North Korea and Iran, and as long as Tel Aviv has the compliant ear of the American political establishment, those who wish for peace and justice in the world should not rest easy,” he stated.

Falk was widely criticized in 2011 for posting what was viewed to be an anti-Semitic cartoon on his blog depicting a dog wearing a Jewish yarmulke and a “USA” sweater urinating on Lady Justice. At the same time, the dog is devouring a bloody skeleton.

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