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Have Sequester Pains Been as Bad as Advertised?

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The Senate voted Thursday night to pass a budget fix for the FAA, who has furloughed air traffic controllers leading to long delays at airports felt by many tax payers. Some are calling this a victory for Republicans, as Democrats have been opposed to piecemeal fixes. In addition to the FAA, the sequester has pushed the Navy to cancel its iconic Fleet Week festivities this year. The cancellation will hurt the economy in New York City, as the festivities generate $20 million in revenue for local businesses.

While these high profile cuts are gaining the lions share of the media coverage, The Washington Post reports that the threat of furloughs for government agencies from the sequester once bemoaned by the administration is on the decline. Several departments, including the DOJ, Agriculture, and the Pentagon, are now entirely unlikely to see any furloughs whatsoever.

Critics claim that, at least in the case of the FAA, the crisis has been manufactured. Is this the case? Are these high profile pains an attempt to turn a proverbial mole hill into a mountain? Will the American people buy it? The 'Real News' panel debated the real threats and political posturing we are seeing with the sequester cuts on Friday's show, watch a clip below:

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