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Wall Street Journal swats at Ted Cruz


In early March the Wall Street Journal published an editorial warning Senate Republicans that filibustering a vote on gun control would provide an out for Democrats who might otherwise vote down the bill anyway. The filibuster threat was led by a few insurgent Republicans, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

It turned out there was no filibuster and the bill was voted down with the help of four Democrats. Cruz took credit for it while speaking at a tea party rally last weekend. The editors at WSJ called him out for it in an editorial Saturday.

From WSJ :

[Cruz's] account is wrong about his strategy, our commentary, and what happened. We also didn't call him an "imbecile," or any other name. The strategy of Mr. Cruz and his comrades was to use the filibuster to block any gun control measure from even getting votes on the floor. We criticized that as misguided, since it would let Senate Democrats avoid difficult votes and open Republicans to Mr. Obama's criticism that they were obstructionists for blocking a Senate debate and votes. ...

Mr. Cruz will have more success in the Senate, and in his mooted Presidential candidacy, if he stops pretending that he's Nathan Hale and everyone else is Benedict Arnold.

The editorial is the latest in a string of criticism for Cruz from the right-of-center. Last week, Republican columnist Kimberly Strassel of WSJ and GOP blogger Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post chastised Cruz in separate op-eds for his hardline approach in the Senate.

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