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Blaze Poll: Who Is the Most Trustworthy Person In America?


As we recently learned on TheBlaze Blog, America has trust issues. Of course we're referring to the results of the new poll in Reader's Digest that showed the top five people on the "Most Trust" list include four actors and a poet.

  1. Tom Hanks
  2. Sandra Bullock
  3. Denzel Washington
  4. Meryl Streep
  5. Maya Angelou

TheBlaze edit staff found it strange that the President (#65), Vice President (DNS), and First Lady (#19) were not in the top 10, or even top 15. Despite his relatively easy win in last Fall's election, President Obama found himself rated lower than comic/actor Adam Sandler (#64).

Judges did pretty well with TV's Judge Judy (#25) beating all nine of the Supreme Court Justices (as well as another TV judge -- Joe Brown #39.)

This handy infographic shows how well certain professions did on the survey.

Image: Reader's Digest

During his radio show this morning, Glenn Beck and his in-studio crew talked about the survey and who they can trust to deliver the "truth."

GLENN:  America, if we didn't have other things to do, I'd love to take a real poll and just ask people cold:  Who do you trust?  I wonder, if yourself that all day today.  Who do you trust?  Is there anyone out there that you trust?  I can't put a list together.  Is there ‑‑ come up with five names of people you trust.  We should do that tomorrow on the show. 

PAT:  Mmm‑hmmm. 

GLENN:  Tell us the five names of people that you really trust.  I don't know if I could come up with five. 

STU:  Unconditionally.  And not people you know. 

GLENN:  Yeah, not people that you know but people that you, like, watch on TV. 

PAT:  Yeah, famous people. 

GLENN:  Famous people you go, I believe they'll give me the truth.  Come up with five names today.  


So Blaze readers, we're putting the question to YOU. Who do you trust to give you the truth? 

The poll below gives you the names of famous people and asks you to answer, YES, NO, or DON'T CARE. We will collect the results and post the list of those who get the most YES votes. We have excluded Mr. Beck and the co-hosts of his show. And like Reader's Digest, we are not allowing people to say things like "my teacher, my dad, my doctor, etc. 

You can also offer the name of a famous face that you trust. We will approve as many as we can.

Who do you trust to give you the truth? 


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