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The Reality of Human Trafficking in the Americas: Disturbing Story of a 9-Year-Old Abducted and Apparently Sold Into Sex Slavery


"These girls are suffering so much."

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If you think human sex trafficking is something found in Mexico, you'd be right. But if you think it's something only found south of the border and not in America, you'd be dangerously wrong.

On Wednesday night, TheBlaze TV's "For the Record" show revealed just how much the sex trafficking industry has seeped into America.

But before that show aired, Glenn Beck interviewed a former Mexican congresswoman who unfortunately knows all too well about the horrors the industry has wreaked on the women of Mexico and America.

Meet Rosi Orozco. She's been fighting the sex slave industry in Mexico for years. But she's also sounding the alarm of how the industry is moving into America from across the border. She explained how for some it's as easy as using a tunnel, and even detailed how one of the "most dangerous" pimps was caught after setting up shop in Atlanta, GA.

Still, her most disturbing story involved that of a 9-year-old girl. That girl was taken by a group in Baja California in 2010.

"She was dancing in a church. She is a beautiful, beautiful creature -- a beautiful human being," she explained.

According to Orozco, the police investigation has indicated she was abducted and sold to a some men in America.

Watch the heartbreaking, and eye-opening interview, below:

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"These girls are suffering so much," she said.

So just how bad is the sex trafficking infestation in the Americas? Consider that one town in Mexico celebrates it with a festival. "For the Record" has exclusive video showing it:

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Be sure to watch the full episode.

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