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Bad medicine: Pediatric doctors on Capitol Hill lobbying for... gun control?


The American Academy of Pediatrics is on Capitol Hill this month lobbying members of Congress to pass new legislation. But they're not calling for increased funding for pediatric health coverage or scientific studies for disease prevention. No, they are going door-to-door asking members to pass gun control legislation.

Via The Washington Times:

Among their goals: Bans on assault-style weapons; mandatory background checks for all; required waiting periods for all gun buys; prohibitions on ammunition purchases and high-capacity magazines; and new laws for firearm storage, NBC said.

“We have to have a collectively louder voice,” said Danielle Laraque, the chairwoman of the pediatrics department at Maimonides Infants and Children's Hospital in Brooklyn, NBC reported. “What we need is a call to action, to really look at how we can change public policy that is not affected by data.”

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