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Here's the Homemade Kit That Converts an M-16 and AR-15 Into a 'Sling-X-Bow


"It shot the arrow into the oak board so hard that the aluminum split ..."

(Image: Slingshot Channel/YouTube screenshot)

The Slingshot Channel guy, Joerg Sprave, often takes seemingly innocuous items, like a toilet bowl brush, and upgrades them into weapons. This time Sprave goes the opposite direction, not necessarily downgrading a weapon but transforming an M-16 into a "slingbow."

(Image: Slingshot Channel/YouTube screenshot)

Creating what he calls the RUB-15, which is a kit that functions as the upper receiver alongside with the lower receiver of a firearm, Sprave can turn an M16A1 -- which he notes is a legal component to own in Germany -- and an AR-15, the civilian counterpart, into a rubber-band powered crossbow.

The box that holds the rubber bands that will shoot the arrows acts not only as a silencer but also protects the rubber from sunlight. Sprave also notes in the video description that a Zippo pocket warmer can be put in the box as well allowing the rubber to function optimally even in cold temperatures.

(Image: Slingshot Channel/YouTube screenshot)

"It shot the arrow into the oak board so hard that the aluminum split and the field tip was pushed back into the rod," he shows (see the screenshot below).

(Image: Slingshot Channel/YouTube screenshot)

Given that it's the first upper receiver slingshot converter that Sprave has made, he said he plans on making more versions, like one that will allow multiple shots.

Check out Sprave's latest toy -- the RUB-15 -- in this video:



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