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Mom Speeds Up to 140 MPH in a 900 HP, Manual Sports Car Like a Pro -- and Loves Every Minute of It


"It was only too bad that there was too much traffic to get into fifth gear."

When presented with the opportunity to drive a 900 horsepower, manual Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution -- 3Dx Evo -- this mom thinks she's up for the challenge.

(Image: 1320video/YouTube screenshot)

"It's been a little while since I've driven a stick but maybe. We'll see," she admits, laughing in the YouTube video by 1320video. "I'll just, like, slow."

(Image: 1320video/YouTube screenshot)

She later says she's going to "see how this old lady can do" as she puts the keys into the ignition.

Slow? Once the woman with salt pepper hair gets on the road she is working the stick like a pro and hedges up toward 140 miles per hour. Judging by the look on her face, she was enjoying every minute of it.

(Image: 1320video/YouTube screenshot)

(Image: 1320video/YouTube screenshot)

(Image: 1320video/YouTube screenshot)

After she was done, she says she liked driving a stick and said she even taught her son, the friend of the videographers, how to drive manual vehicles.

"It was only too bad that there was too much traffic to get into fifth gear," she laughed.

When asked how the power felt, the screenshot below best exemplifies her reaction.

"Oh it was great!" she said with a thumbs up. (Image: 1320video/YouTube screenshot)

The fellows in the video say the mom made their day.

"I did not expect this this morning when I woke up," one man says.

Watch the clip, which has more than 2 million views after being posted last week (Content warning: some strong language):

Prior to taking the car for a spin herself, the mom was a passenger. This is her reaction video:


Featured image screen shot.

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