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Texas Country Music Star to Critics of the NRA, Guns: 'Tough S**t

Texas Country Music Star to Critics of the NRA, Guns: 'Tough S**t

"I don't give a damn whether it pi**es you off."

Kevin Fowler live at Rockin Rodeo in Denton, Texas (Credit: Robert Hantson/TheBlaze)

If you are a harsh critic of the National Rifle Association and/or guns, you probably won't enjoy listening to the music of Texas country music star Kevin Fowler.

And he doesn't really care.

"If guns piss you off, if beer pisses you off, if any of the things that I sing about piss you off, you're probably not coming to my show anyway. If hunting pisses you off, you're not coming to my show -- so I don't give a damn whether it pisses you off," Fowler told TheBlaze on his tour bus parked outside Rockin Rodeo in Denton, Texas, last week.

"If the NRA pisses you off, I'm sorry…tough s**t," he added.

That's why he didn't think twice about playing at the NRA Country Jam during the organization's annual conference in Houston earlier this month.

Fowler, known for his brutal honesty both on and off the stage, gladly weighed in on the never-ending gun control debate during an exclusive sit-down with TheBlaze on Thursday, less than an hour before he was set to play before a packed house in Denton.

The U.S. already has plenty of gun laws on the books, he said. Those laws just are not properly enforced.

"If you want to kill people, you can do it with a fork, you can do it with something you can buy at the hardware store, you can do it with a gun, you can do it with a knife, you can do it with a car, you can do it with a truck, you can do it however you want to," he explained, stressing the importance of addressing the nation's mental health problem.

"We have to figure out why all these nut jobs want to kill people, that's the problem," he added.

TheBlaze's Jason Howerton talks to Texas country music star Kevin Fowler on his tour bus in Denton, Texas (Credit: Robert Hanston/TheBlaze)

Fowler's take on guns appears to line up with the theme of Glenn Beck's keynote speech at the NRA convention: "It is the man, not the gun."

The proud Texas native, born and raised around firearms, noted that he has plenty of guns -- but they don't sprout legs and go off and kill people.

However, despite his strong views on the Second Amendment, the country music star said he tries not to push his politics on his fans.

"I think our music is just beer-drinking, hell-raising, fun music, you know, it's not serious," he said. "I'm not out trying to save the whales…I don't have any political agenda with the music, I try not to. It's just about having fun."

Kevin Fowler performs live at Rockin Rodeo in Denton, Texas (Credit: Robert Hantson/TheBlaze)

(Credit: Robert Hantson/TheBlaze)

(Credit: Robert Hantson/TheBlaze)

(Credit: Robert Hantson/TheBlaze)

(Credit: Robert Hantson/TheBlaze)

Kevin Fowler t-shirt (Credit: Robert Hantson/TheBlaze)

There are a lot of musicians who feel it is their job to "preach at" an audience, Fowler explained. But a live concert should be one place where people can go to let loose and just "forget about it all," he added.

"I think music should be an escape. There's enough stress in the world," he said. "There's enough bad stuff going on, I don't need to remind you of that. Just come to the show and let's rock out."

We asked Fowler which song he would recommend to Blaze readers unfamiliar with his work. He suggested his classic tune "Beer, Bait and Ammo," a song that country music legend George Jones liked so much he actually recorded his own version.

Take a listen below:

Fowler's music is available in stores, on iTunes, and pretty much anywhere else you can purchase good tunes. He's also currently on tour and may be coming to a city near you.

And regardless of what you may think of Fowler's music or personal views, no one can argue that he doesn't put on a good show.

TheBlaze stuck around for his entire set and witnessed the electric atmosphere of a true Texas country music show. Seemingly every patron in the smokey club could sing the lines to all the songs and several couples danced the night away on a modest dance floor sprinkled with cornmeal (for boot scootin').

Women were also perched on men's shoulders so they could get a better view of Fowler serenading the crowd. TheBlaze gives you a front row seat to Fowler's live show in Denton with some exclusive footage.

"100% Texan":

"The Lord Loves the Drinkin' Man":

And just to give you an idea of what the crowd looked like -- the place was packed:

You can visit the official Kevin Fowler Facebook page here and let him know you read the story on TheBlaze. Follow him on Twitter here.

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