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Ed Henry: Colleagues 'Cheered' Me on for Challenging Bush at CNN, But It Gets 'Lonely' Taking on Obama


"If we’re going to be sitting there in the briefing room, let’s not be a bunch of lemmings."

President Barack Obama enters the Brady Press Briefing Room as Peter Alexander of NBC News, left, and Ed Henry of Fox News, right, finish their stand ups at the White House in Washington, Friday, Dec. 28, 2012. Obama spoke about his meeting with Congressional leaders regarding the fiscal cliff. Credit: AP

This Nov. 30, 2012 publicity photo provided by FOX News Channel shows Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry reporting outside of the White House in Washington, D.C. Henry, 41, is preparing for four more years on the beat and would like to cover the Obama administration from beginning to end. He came to Fox in 2011 from CNN, for whom he had worked in Washington since 2004. Credit: AP

Fox News reporter Ed Henry, known for having some tense exchanges with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, wants his fellow reporters to "stand up and ask tough questions" of the Obama administration.

In an interview with Laura Ingraham on Friday, Henry revealed he was "cheered on" by his colleagues when he pressed the George W. Bush administration while at CNN. However, now that he's at Fox News and is covering President Barack Obama's administration, he admits, "it can get a little bit lonely sometimes."

Giving his former co-workers the benefit of the doubt, Henry said his colleagues' "cheering" of his tough questions may not have been "partisan" but rather a genuine desire to do their job and take on Washington. But with the Obama White House, those kinds of tough questions are no longer encouraged.

Perhaps things are changing with the emergence of the DOJ and IRS scandals, he said.

“If we’re going to be sitting there in the briefing room, let’s not be a bunch of lemmings," Henry explained. "Let’s actually stand up and ask tough questions. If the administration has answers for them, great, let’s move on to the next story. But if answers keep changing, then you better keep asking questions over and over."

Listen to the interview via "The Laura Ingraham Show":

(H/T: Andrew Kirell, Mediaite)

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