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The Fascinating Inferno-Stricken Bridge Collapse We Couldn't Stop Watching


"And then it just turned into a tremendous fireball."

(Image: KWTX screenshot)

A railroad bridge in Texas caught fire earlier in the week, becoming so engulfed that the fire chief pulled all crews away from fighting the flames for safety. This was a good decision considering the bridge eventually succumbed to the fire collapsing in a dramatic dominoes-like fashion.

KWTX reported that the fire and collapse occurred Sunday afternoon on the bridge spanning the Lower Colorado River between San Saba and Lometa. The bridge was generally used for transporting agricultural products and oil well sand.

"Within 25 seconds or less, it was totally gone," Jack Blossman with the San Saba Volunteer Fire Department said of about 800 feet of bridge.

(Image: KWTX screenshot)

"And then it just turned into a tremendous fireball," he continued.

(Image: KWTX screenshot)

Crews were still putting out flames on areas of the bridge that hadn't collapsed Monday, while Texas Rangers and Texas Department of Transportation investigated the situation.

Watch the collapse in this KWTX report:

See the full, raw video of the bridge collapse here.

More recently, a bridge near Seattle collapsed Thursday, sending cars and people into the water.

There were no fatalities as a result of either bridge collapse.

(H/T: io9)


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