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Can this Minnesota businessman unseat Al Franken?


Meet Mike McFadden, the co-CEO of financial services firm Lazard Middle Market.  According to the Washington Post, McFadden is preparing to take on Sen. Al Franken for the United States Senate:

While self-funding is helpful, a business record can be tough to run on — specifically when it involves job losses and mergers, as McFadden’s does. Democrats signaled quickly that they will make an issue of McFadden’s business record.

“Minnesotans should know that Mike McFadden is really just Minnesota’s Mitt Romney,” said Carrie Lucking, the executive director of the Alliance for a Better Minnesota, a left-leaning group.

A recent poll showed Franken leading McFadden by 15 points, 51 percent to 36 percent. But McFadden is so far unknown to Minnesota voters.

McFadden launched his campaign today with an online video.  Although the clip makes no mention of the Senate race or Franken, it's a decent introduction for the people in Minnesota to McFadden and the issues important to him: education and tackling the national debt.


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