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Meet 'Chris P. Bacon' -- The Handicapped Pig With a Three-Book Deal


"There was no way I could put this thing down."

Chris P. Bacon, a pig born without the use of his hind legs, has become an Internet star with a Facebook and Twitter presence that most people would envy -- and he's about to become an author (sort of).

Piglet with wheelchair learns to walk

Blaze readers might recognize the plucky little pig from a story earlier this year about "puppy prosthetics." A video showing the 10-day-old pig learning to use the makeshift set of wheels (fashioned from children's toys) made him a worldwide star and garnered more than 1 million hits.

Dr. Len Lucero and his family are now Chris P. Bacon's family. When he was first brought to the veterinarian's office -- just a day old and seriously deformed -- the typical course of action would have been to euthanize the pig. However, Lucero saw something special in the little fellow.

"He was full of life. So I thought, there was no way I could put this thing down, I'd rather give him a fighting chance, at least if not at my home, I would find someplace for him," he told the Associated Press.

The "someplace"  Lucero found was in fact his home. The Lucero family has taken to the little pig just as easily as he has adapted to life in the customized set of wheels that he uses to bound around the central Florida farm where he now lives.

Since catching the attention of the web world, Chris P. Bacon and Lucero have made several appearances on local and national television shows. Chris P. Bacon also has a very active Facebook page and, of course, merchandise.

Chris P Bacon on Facebook Image: Facebook page of Chris P. Bacon

Most recently, Lucero and his now-5-month-old pig announced that the inspiring little porker will be the subject of a three-book series. Hay House publishing expects to release the first book about Chris P. Bacon's exploits this fall, targeted to young children.

Watch the recent Associated Press interview with the veterinarian who couldn't bring himself to put down the little pig -- and see just how well Mr. Bacon is doing.

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