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What Simple Gun Message Did This TV Actress Tweet That She Says Led to Half of Her Followers Abandoning Her?


"Pro-Gun or Anti-Gun SAFETY should be unanimous!"

An actress claims that after sharing her pro-gun safety thoughts, she lost half of her followers on Twitter.

Katee Sackhoff, most well-known for her role in the SiFi TV series "Battlestar Galactica" but also a star on the new series "Longmire,"  tweeted Monday that she had "lost half my followers due to talking about gun safety," but she kept it lighthearted continuing to post that "the sun is shining & Happy Monday! Love your neighbor today!"

So what was so controversial? Sackhoff read a story on CNN regarding a tragic accident where a 4-year-old found a firearm and fatally shot his father last week. She decided to remind everyone about gun safety, a fairly benign comment for both gun supporters and gun opponents:

But she apparently was quickly attacked:

Now, it's unclear how many followers Sackhoff had on Twitter before claiming to have lost half of them, but the Washington Times noted Monday that she had more than 98,000 followers at the time of its report. As of Wednesday morning, she had 120,300.

Still, some of her fans reassured her that they wouldn't leave her on Twitter. A few even commented on posts that they began following her because of what she said.

Katee sackhoff tweets gun safety This undated image released by A&E shows actress Katee Sackhoff portraying Victoria "Vic" Moretti in a scene from A&E s new original drama series, "Longmire." Sackhoff, 32, has had success playing women who aren't shrinking violets. She starred as Kara "Starbuck" Thrace on "Battlestar Galactica, which made her a fan boy sex symbol. Now she's holding her own as Deputy Sheriff Victoria Vic Moretti on "Longmire, based on the best-selling novels by Craig Johnson. (Photo: AP/A&E, Ursula Coyote)

Overall, Sackhoff wrote that she learned at least one thing from her tweets:

Sackhoff currently plays the deputy Victoria “Vic” Moretti in A&E's "Longmire."

This story has been updated to correct that Sackhoff plays a deputy not a sheriff on Longmire.

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