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Wait Until You See the Cool Do-It-Yourself Guns Posted by a Person on Reddit


"These examples are proof that it's possible to make your own guns using common hardware store materials."

On the guns subforum of the social news site Reddit is a link to an extensive Imgur gallery showing homemade guns.

The Redditor who posted the gallery describes the guns as mostly "crude but some are pretty impressive." It's unclear if he made any of the weapons or if he simply is posting a collection of ones he's seen or found.

Take a look (see if you can count how many are made from staple guns):

Commenters on the subreddit post are speculating about the materials that made some of the firearms, which we can't vouch for in terms of functionality, and pointing out their favorite ones. Here are a few of those comments:

  • dbbo: 33 is made from a paintball marker. nm172: I thought that one was ingenious. It has a sear, hammer, and ergonomic frame pre-built. All the guy needed to do was likely grind off the top tube and add a barrel.

  • tagrav: that stapler .22 was pretty sweet. brutal_one: Well clearly we now need to outlaw staple guns. This video posted by a Redditor shows a shotgun made from a staple gun:

  • Bikewer:  Gotta love that hand-made Glock... Guy even got most of the internals right. I'm old enough to remember when "zip guns" were hot stuff, most amazingly crude but some, like some of these, surprising.
  • Akula_matatta: Is it me, or is #13 just freaking awesome? That guy should get a patent...before I do!

The Redditor mctoasterson also called it "hilarious that people are freaking out over 3D printing," citing these DIY weapons made from other materials as examples showing how "people have been making homemade guns and circulating plans to do so for decades on end. These examples are proof that it's possible to make your own guns using common hardware store materials."

Another going by Creole_Bastard said this was proof that gun control or banning firearms would "never just make guns disappear."

"You'd have to confiscate every tool and lathe and machine shop and piece of scrap metal in the country, and even then it'd be a stretch," the Redditor continued.

Let us know the number of your favorite DIY gun in the comments section below.



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