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Egyptian Politician Smiles Giddily as He Pushes anti-Semitic Libel that Jews Use Blood of Christian Children for Passover Matzos
Egyptian Politician Khaled Zaafrani (Screen shot: MEMRI)

Egyptian Politician Smiles Giddily as He Pushes anti-Semitic Libel that Jews Use Blood of Christian Children for Passover Matzos

"It’s well known..."

Egyptian Politician Khaled Zaafrani took to Egyptian television to push the Medieval-era, anti-Semitic claim that Jews use the blood of Christian children to make Passover matzos.

Throughout the interview which was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Zaafrani smiles giddily, while neither of the other two men on set with him try to push back on his accusations.

Egyptian Politician Khaled Zaafrani (Screen shot: MEMRI)

Zaafrani is founder of the Egyptian Justice and Progress Party according to MEMRI.

Here is a transcript of the interview excerpt that MEMRI posted this week. The show originally aired on Al-Hafez TV on May 12 [emphasis added]:

Khaled Al-Zaafrani: It’s well known that during the Passover, they make matzos called the "Blood of Zion." They take a Christian child, slit his throat and slaughter him. Then they take his blood and make their [matzos]. This is a very important rite for the Jews, which they never forgo.

Interviewer: Could you repeat the name of this rite?

Khaled Al-Zaafrani: It is called the Blood of Zion rite. During the Jews Passover, they must slaughter…

TV guest: Like [ancient] Egyptians used to sacrifice "the Bride of the Nile"…

Interviewer: And the Jews do this to this day?

Khaled Al-Zaafrani: Absolutely. The French kings and the Russian czars discovered this in the Jewish quarters. All the massacring of Jews that occurred in those countries were because they discovered that the Jews had kidnapped and slaughtered children, in order to make the Passover matzos.

Recorded evidence of this is kept in the Egyptian national archives. This happens to this day.[…]

Zaafrani proceeds to claim that Syrian Jews once killed a priest to carry out their so-called ritual. A real-life blood-lust incident in Syria that Zaafrani does not mention in the excerpt is the now-famous savage video of a jihadi Syrian rebel cutting the heart out of a slain Syrian government soldier and then eating it. Zaafrani tells what he claims to be an historical anecdote:

Passover was near, and the Jews of Damascus could not find a Christian. There was a Christian priest, who would give them medical treatment. He was of Italian and French nationality, and his job was to treat people. He used to treat the Jews, but since they couldn't find any other Christian, they summoned him to treat them… Their confessions are well documented.

They placed the priest in a tub, slaughtered him, smashed his bones with a pestle, took his blood, and made the "matzos of Zion."

Interviewer: Are these matzos eaten?

Khaled Al-Zaafrani: Of course. They slice it and fight over who gets to eat Christian blood.

When this subject is raised, the Jews consider it to be a problem, just like the problem of Hitler and the Holocaust.

The blood libel – that Jews kill Christian children for Passover matzos - which originated in the Middle Ages was used through history as a pretext to massacre Jews.

Zaafrani didn’t stop at that. He also accused Jews of instigating wars.

“They instigated World War I, as well as World War II, and they will keep on instigating wars. The Jews cannot live without wars, conspiracies, deceit, and deception. We can rest assured that the Jews will not seek or uphold peace,” he said.

Here is the clip, courtesy of MEMRI:


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