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Google Futurist's Mind-Blowing Predictions About the Future of Technology and the Human Race

"We're going to become increasingly non-biological to the point where the non-biological part dominates and the biological part is not important any more."


By the year 2045, humans will be able to upload their entire brains to computers and become digitally "immortal," according to Google futurist Ray Kurzweil.

Such an event is known as the "singularity." Regular viewers of Glenn Beck's television program on TheBlaze TV are likely familiar with the term. Essentially, the singularity can be recognized as so-called "digital immortality" because once a person is able to upload their brains and intelligence, it will be digitally stored forever, even after they die.

Kurzweil also predicts that within 90 years, biological parts of the human body will be replaced by machines. The Google futurist made these bold claims during the Global Futures 2045 International Congress in New York over the weekend.


The scary part? He's ridiculously accurate with his predictions.

The Daily Mail has more details on the conference:

The conference was created by Russian multimillionaire Dmitry Itskov and featured visonary talks about how the world will look by 2045.

Kurzweil said: 'Based on conservative estimates of the amount of computation you need to functionally simulate a human brain, we'll be able to expand the scope of our intelligence a billion-fold.'

He referred to Moore's Law that states the power of computing doubles, on average, every two years quoting the developments from genetic sequencing and 3D printing.

In Kurweil's book, The Singularity Is Near, he plots this development and journey towards singularity in a graph.

In a video promoting his book "Fantastic Voyage" and the New York conference, Kurzweil goes into greater detail:

"We're going to become increasingly non-biological to the point where the non-biological part dominates and the biological part is not important any more," Kurzweil said. "In fact the non-biological part - the machine part - will be so powerful it can completely model and understand the biological part. So even if that biological part went away it wouldn't make any difference."

He went on: "We'll also have non-biological bodies - we can create bodies with nano technology, we can create virtual bodies and virtual reality in which the virtual reality will be as realistic as the actual reality."

"The virtual bodies will be as detailed and convincing as real bodies," he added. "We do need a body, our intelligence is directed towards a body but it doesn't have to be this frail, biological body that is subject to all kinds of failure modes."

Read the Daily Mail's entire report here.


(H/T: Drudge)


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