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Meteorologist Flips Out Over Giant Spider on Weather Cam


"Of course he had to be right on my head."

(Image: Global News/YouTube screenshot)

Some people have those things they just don't like -- and we mean really don't like. Insects, snakes and spiders are likely to rank high on the list of undesirables for many.

Canada's Global News meteorologist Kristi Gordon fits in the latter category, despising eight-legged crawlers. Her feelings toward arachnids were recently showcased during one of her live noon broadcasts of the weather when a spider made its way onto a local weather camera and was projected onto the screen behind her.

meteorologist spider (Image: Global News/YouTube screenshot)

Spotting the spider on her teleprompter, Gordon ducks, scurries and touches her hair as if the spider were really in it.

"Of course he had to be right on my head," she says.

The other newscasters can be heard laughing at her off screen and then giving her a hard time for freaking out over the spider that's not even really in the studio.

meteorologist spider (Image: Global News/YouTube screenshot)

"You know what, it just really creeps me out," Gordon said when the screen was wisely switched off the live web cam.

Watch the minor freak out on air:

(H/T: Gawker)




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