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Is NSA leaker Edward Snowden hiding in theBlaze offices?


Just as Saddam Hussein had a busload of body doubles and look-alikes to throw his detractors off the scent, perhaps NSA leaker Edward Snowden could benefit from having a look-a-like or two at his disposal. If he's interested, one such doppelganger may be working here at TheBlaze.

Take a quick glance at our own digital ninja Kenton Jacobsen. I have to admit that the resemblance did not strike me initially, but then an eagle-eyed co-worker put the two together in similar poses and BAM! I saw it.

NSA Leaker and his look-a-like

With only the slightest Hollywood magic, I believe we could have a respectable Snowden replicant. The only problem...looking too much like one of "America's Most Wanted" could put my pal Kenton in considerable danger.

What do you think? Is Kenton the Code Warrior of TheBlaze a suitable stand-in for Snowden? Or do you know of someone in your world who has an even more uncanny resemblance? Send us the photos here (mopelka@theblaze.com) and we will publish those we consider to be worthy of our precious webs space.

(And to Kenton's family...please know that we asked his permission before putting his mug on display.)

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