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MLK's Niece Weighs in on 'What's Wrong With America


"Love never fails."

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Alveda King, the niece of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke Tuesday about how the lessons she learned growing up in her family can apply to all Americans.

She discussed a modified "ten commandments" in particular, which said anyone who marched with her uncle had to pledge to abide by.

"We had to agree to be non-violent, to read our Bibles daily, to love each other..." she recalled, speaking with Glenn Beck on TheBlaze TV.  "To love, to obey, to honor first God, and then each other and those we needed to serve."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

At one point King stopped to talk about the need for a "tough mind and a tender heart."

"That's what's wrong with America," she remarked.  "That's how you can believe one thing in your heart and vote for something else, because the two don't agree.  So that tough mind is fixed on truth, and the tender heart has to deliver that truth and love, and that's what we're missing."

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Glenn Beck has begun to "beat the drum" that Americans need to begin explaining the Bill of Rights as the "Bill of Civil Rights."

When free speech is limited or the IRS targets Americans for their beliefs, that isn't just a violation of the First Amendment, he says -- it's a civil rights violation.

When Beck asked King whether her uncle and father died for the Bill of Rights, she responded: "absolutely."

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