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A not-so-gay day at the Supreme Court


Washington, D.C.-- Unlike back in March, when the sidewalk outside the Supreme Court was overrun with signs like "I enjoy vagina" and "If God hates gay people, why are they so cute?" on this Wednesday in June, it wasn't really like that.

Even though proponents of same-sex marriage just scored significant victories with two court rulings in their favor -- one that reaffirmed same-sex couples' right to marry in California, the other a strike down of the federal Defense of Marriage Act -- there weren't any loud speakers with music, dancing drag queen devils or even megaphones belting out Bible verses.

Instead... people stood outside in the sweltering Washington, D.C., heat, mostly just fanning themselves and checking their phones for the first bit of news about the justices' legal opinions.

There was some chanting, but each time, it never lasted for more than 10 seconds. There were some signs, but hardly anything angry or even humorous. Mostly, they said things like "Gay Mormon for marriage equality" and "Care. No matter what." And actually, many of them were simple American flags.

Even once people heard that their side had won, there was nothing more than some loud whoops before dying down again. And once it was over, people cleared out with haste.

Maybe they were just relieved to finally get out of the heat.

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