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Scarborough Highlights Hypocrisy in Abortion Filibuster Coverage: Liberal Protesters Get Praise, But Conservatives Are Deemed an 'Angry, Unruly Mob


"I wonder what everybody would be saying on this network and others if those were all pro-life people running up the hill, following Michele Bachmann..."

Evan Agostini/AP Images for The Hollywood Reporter

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough has been criticized for advancing what some believe are non-conservative ideals. But on Thursday morning, he went on-air and defended those on the right against the disparity that exists between the treatment and labeling of conservative and liberal protesters.

Specifically discussing the abortion issue and Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis' much-covered abortion bill filibuster, Scarborough charged that, had the pro-choicers who stormed the capitol actually been conservative pro-lifers, they would have been dismissed as an "angry mob."

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