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Meet the Extreme Anti-Gun Advocate Who Wants to Ban ALL Firearms, 'Lethal' Knives and 'Anything That Can Hurt Anybody

Meet the Extreme Anti-Gun Advocate Who Wants to Ban ALL Firearms, 'Lethal' Knives and 'Anything That Can Hurt Anybody

Ban it all.

Hidden among a crowd of Second Amendment supporters at a Philadelphia pro-gun rally earlier this month, was this guy.

Anti-gun advocate (on the right) gives his opinion on guns. (YouTube/Storyleak.com)

He wasn't there to rally for gun rights or support the right to bear arms. In fact, the man claims to harbor such extreme anti-gun views that he makes Piers Morgan look like author and outspoken conservative Brad Thor (sorry, Brad).

In addition to banning all guns, the man said the U.S. should ban "lethal knives" and any other object that "can hurt anybody." So basically, everything.

Watch the interview below:

Interviewing the man was Anthony Gucciardi, founder of Storyleak.com. While we don't know much about Gucciardi, he certainly lets it be known that he supports the Second Amendment.

He writes of his interaction with the man:

Earlier this month I posted the above video on YouTube, which was actually the result of an unexpected encounter with an individual who came up to me during a gun rally I was covering and wanted to debate me on the issue of gun control. As I was originally just going to ask him why he was there to support the Second Amendment, I was surprised to find that he wanted to push for not only the ban of all guns in the entire world, but also all sharp objects as well.

Everything from knives, forks, nails, and even glass bottles should be banned, according to this man, who represents the face of the nanny state gun control movement. Since I posted this video earlier this month without promotion, it has since gone on to receive an organic 33,000 plus views and many insightful (and hilarious) comments. Many of the comments and emails were asking me if the man was serious, and I can definitely say with absolute certainty that he was — and he was actually there protesting the Second Amendment rally.

In the video, Gucciardi cites FBI gun statistics as well as peer-reviewed studies, but the man refuses to listen. Instead, he says he doesn't trust government statistics and he doesn't "believe" the findings of the studies.

The man was also unmoved when Gucciardi pointed out that hands and feet kill more people each year than rifles, which anti-gun advocates want to ban so badly.

But that's because gun control supporters don’t really want to discuss the facts, according to Gucciardi . "And they especially don't want to talk about the fact that 2.5 times more people are killed in the ‘gun free’ zones of Chicago via firearms than are killed over in Afghanistan. Because after all, gun control works — just not in the way of stopping crime," he writes.

It is important to realize that the man in the video, if he truly is genuine, represents the hardcore fringe of even those that may be considered "extreme" in their anti-gun views. It is also impossible to know with absolute certainty if the man really does believe the things he suggested in the video, but the video's creator says he is certain he was truthful in the interview.



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