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This Video Is a Horrifying Reminder to Be Extra Careful When Driving Through Heavy Fog


Slow down.

Reminder: If you ever find yourself caught driving through a heavy fog and visibility is low, slow down, do not turn on your high beams, and take it easy.

Pull off to the side of the road if you have to.

But for the love of all that’s good and holy, don’t do what the woman in the following video does. Don’t try to power through a heavy fog at a moderate speed -- especially ifyou're unfamiliar with your car's interior. Just watch the video, it'll make sense (Content warning: strong language):

The video, which was supposedly shot on June 19, comes with the caption:

an old lady has difficulty driving through fog and becomes part of the problem ahead of her

she's the one driving the F-150

“Drivers are rarely sufficiently cautious when heavy fog rolls in on monotonous highways. It's not just Americans being poorly trained drivers, either. Absolutely massive accidents happen with some regularity on the German Autobahn,” writes Jalopnik’s Raphael Orlove.

"If you're not comfortable to drive in heavy fog (we hear this driver say she can't even find the headlight switch, either from unfamiliarity or fear)," Orlove adds, "slow down."

Our thoughts exactly.



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