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Lawrence O'Donnell on Piers Morgan's, CNN's lower ratings


"It's why CNN doesn't have as good a business in prime time. You know, at that point, when you get to 9 o'clock in America, there's nobody who would ever find their way to cable news who doesn't already know every single thing that happened. And what they're doing with their remote is, they're going, 'I want to see what [Bill] O'Reilly thinks about this. I want to see what Rachel [Maddow] thinks about this.'"-- MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell at the Aspen Ideas Festival, commenting on the polarization of cable news but with CNN stuck in the middle. (Piers Morgan Live, generally third in cable news ratings, fills the 9 p.m. ET slot at CNN)

h/t The Atlantic

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