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Christian Nation' book puts Sarah Palin in the White House

Former Gov. of Alaska Sarah Palin speaks during the Faith and Freedom Coalition Road to Majority 2013 conference, Saturday, June 15, 2013, in Washington. Credit: AP

Christian Nation, out this week by author Fred Rich, imagines what it would be like if the U.S. had a President Sarah Palin.

From Politico:

“If somebody like Sarah Palin, who holds so firmly to this conviction that America is and should be a Christian nation, what would happen if she actually had the power to implement it?” Rich says his book “paints a picture of what that path would look like.”

“How could the federal courts, which are the only defense against all the nonsense you see out of the state legislatures, how could the federal court system be neutralized? What legislative strategies could the Christian right pursue were they in control of the Congress? It shows that it’s not impossible or unthinkable for them to actually be able to implement that agenda.”

What would happen, according to Rich and the book is a government that claims to speak for God and policies based solely on the Bible, which would overwhelming hurt gay Americans.

The novel sets up the scenario of 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain, with Palin as his running mate, winning that election. After making it into the White House, McCain dies, thus making Palin the commander in chief.


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