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Ha: Progressive Caucus chair argues that Obama is too pro-business


Well here's a criticism of the president I would not have predicted:

Asked why he believes President Obama has not taken more executive action on standards for federal contractors, Congressman Keith Ellison told The Nation, “I think what’s preventing him is the people he puts around him…. If [GE CEO] Jeff Immelt is the head of your jobs thing, and somebody from Walmart is the head of your OMB, you know, what kind of advice are you getting around low-wage workers?” Ellison (DFL-MN), the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, was interviewed last month in San Jose at the Netroots Nation conference, where he and a handful of colleagues joined fast food workers to kick off a “Raise Up America” campaign whose goals include a minimum wage hike, support for workers seeking unionization and higher wages for federally contracted employees. Ellison told The Nation that he was against “villainizing” the president, adding, “It’s the system—it’s not the person…. I think we could almost fairly be described as a plutocracy now.”
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