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Hmm: Rick Perry to reveal 'exciting future plans

Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks to reporters at a restaurant in New York, Wednesday, June 19, 2013. Perry on Tuesday said his efforts to lure companies out of New York and to his state is similar to a sports final series between rival teams, and that states are in a competition with each other over businesses and jobs. Credit: AP

The Texas abortion debate has thrust Gov. Rick Perry back into the national spotlight, perhaps garnering the most attention since he ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012.

What will Perry do with this renewed attention?

We may have a better idea next week, the AP reports:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry promised friends and top fundraisers Tuesday he’d reveal “exciting future plans” next week in San Antonio, sparking wide speculation he will announce if he’ll run again for governor.

In a campaign email, Perry doesn’t provide further details or even a location for Monday’s gathering, saying simply that more details will be forthcoming. But in recent weeks he has said an announcement about whether he plans to seek a fourth full term in office next year will come soon.

The Republican is already the longest-serving governor in Texas history, taking over when George W. Bush left for the White House. Perry’s also the longest-sitting governor in the U.S.

A second run for president in 2016 is also a possibility for Perry, who hasn’t ruled out another White House bid but has said he won’t decide on that matter until later this year...

What do you think Perry's announcement will be?  Let us know with a comment!

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