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A Disturbing Peek Inside Hamas' Summer Camps for Children


"Groomed toward bloodshed."

(Photo: YouTube/idfnadesk)

Ever wonder what a children's summer camp organized by a designated terrorist organization would look like?

If you guessed the kids be chanting about the destruction of Israel while holding toy guns, you'd seemingly be right.

Video posted by the Israel Defense Forces titled "Hamas Summer Camp Brainwashes Gaza Children to Hate" appears to show the children chanting things like, "We are the generation of the upcoming victory! We will never recognize Israel!"

The children are holding hands, raising them high above their heads, and have toy rifles over their shoulders.

(Photo: YouTube/idfnadesk)

The video then features a speaker, presumably a counselor or organizer of some sort, calmly explaining: "Well, these are girls and boys in the prime of their childhood, in the height of their blossom, who cling to the right of return...pointing their majestic gaze towards Jerusalem and occupied Palestine."

He continues: "Our hope for them is that they liberate our homeland, liberate Palestine, the entire land of Palestine."

The clip aired on Al-Aqsa TV on June 19, according to the IDF.

The IDF's comment simply reads: "The terror organization Hamas uses summer camps to brainwash Palestinian children to hate Israel...Through the Hamas education system, the children of Gaza are groomed toward bloodshed."

You can watch the entire disturbing video below:

Back in June, TheBlaze's Jason Howerton featured similarly disturbing summer camps in Gaza, these ones hosted by Islamic Jihad.

This one appeared to utilize real AK-47's and featured games like "kidnap an Israeli soldier."

Hamas' Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh commented at the time: “These summer camps emphasize that the Islamic enterprise, the Palestinian enterprise and the human Arabic enterprise are on the rise, in a state of renewal and in a state of victory, great and powerful, and that the Zionist enterprise is in its regression, decline and weakening, along with all of its allies and those who stand at its side."


(H/T: WeaselZippers)


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