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Cindy Adams' has a White House scoop, we just have no idea what it is

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images

New York Post gossiper Cindy Adams lands a scoop now and again. The only problem is trying to decipher her unintelligible columns secret code language to figure out what it is.

Take her latest:

Pay attention: The White House is about to get an Obamatized and reMichelleitated makeover. Designer Michael Smith, who rejuiced Obama’s private quarters and rejiggered the Oval Office, has been commanded to convert their plain family-style first-floor eatery. It’s located behind the State Dining Room, which seats, give or take a behind, 130.

This is now to be converted into a modern art gallery. No other chief executive ever personally OK’d certain favorite handpicked contemporary artists to hang in officialdom in the White House. That’s akin to stamping a presidential Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on some while razzberrying those who might paint Republican.

First Families redo their private quarters, but redesigning a 21st-century art gallery according to your own taste is A) fraught with peril, B) not done before and C) ain’t anyone mentioning how this non-sequestrianized project gets paid for.

So, there's something here "fraught with peril."

Best guess: The Obamas are redesigning a dining room in the White House to become a gallery of hand-picked art. Any others?


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