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Horror Caught on Camera: Woman Fatally Shoots Man With Rifle at Gas Station Then Takes Pictures of His Body on Phone


"She just had the gun pointed down to the ground and said get back. I guess he didn’t expect or like that."

(Screengrab via Daily Mail)

A Houston woman fatally shot a man during an argument on Sunday night at a local gas station. The entire altercation was captured on the gas station's security camera and some images were reportedly captured on the woman's own cellphone camera.

Surveillance video shows the female shooter, who has not been identified, retrieving a .22-cal. rifle from the trunk of her car and pointing it at the ground as she faced off with a man reportedly armed with an umbrella and a pocket knife.

(Screengrab via Daily Mail)

The man, identified as 58-year-old Louis Daniel, is later seen on video swinging at the woman. She then steps back and fires the rifle, hitting the man several times.

Daniel was pronounced dead at the scene.

"A witness told police that she then took out her phone and recorded a picture or video of her victim," according to the Daily Mail. However, it should be noted that it is unclear who is the "victim" in this case.

The woman, who reportedly left the scene following the killing, claims Daniel made unwanted sexual advances and she feared for her life. It is unclear why the woman did not wait for police to arrive.

More from KHOU-TV:

According to police, the shooter claimed the man had made unwanted sexual advances and refused to leave her alone. She also told police she feared for her life.

According to witnesses, the victim was acting strangely.

“He had an expression like he was just mad at the world,” said Jon Thomas who was in the parking lot at the time of the gunfire.

“She just had the gun pointed down to the ground and said get back. I guess he didn’t expect or like that.”

According to family members, Daniel had just left his brother’s car wash and walked over to the gas station where the confrontation took place.

Police are urging witnesses to come forward and shed light on how the altercation got so out of control.

The woman has not been charged in the shooting and police say the case will be referred to a grand jury.


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